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Welcome To The Dragon’s Tail

This is your new home for all things “Mountain Living Lifestyle”. If you live in the mountains, want to, or are just curious about what it’s like…this is the place for you!
A hearty welcome to all! Love to hear your thoughts…leave comments at your leisure.

Mountain Qi for all,

Mtn. Jim


Wild Ride

Well, it’s been a wild ride since I last posted here…

Sparing you the boring details…I now live in Estes Park, CO and actually survived the Big Flood!

Here’s an Easter morning pic for your visual ahhs…lol. Can you guess where this privy is located?

04 20_2588


Sunday Worship…MtnJim Style!


This Neighbor Rarely Visits!

After a couple day stretch of cool, drizzly weather recently I woke one morning and looked out the window…and had to do a double-take! This guy rarely visits, and when he does it’s not for very long.

Of course, my video camera was out in the pick-up at the side of the cabin. So I had to stealthily sneak out the side door and get into the truck, and back in the cabin again without disturbing his “hunt”. Fortunately, I was successful, and was able to get some video without him noticing…or if he did notice, didn’t seem to mind.


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Memento Mori

Do I now understand the “Goth” thing more? LOL

Memento Mori. What do you think of this as a transformational modality?


Trance Hike

Went on a four hour hike up on the high ridges north of my place today. Found a secluded, secret energy spot and of course just had to do some au natural tai chi…:-). Film at 11–NOT!
Was not in the mood to film any mountain mirth or musings, so just hiked with the headphones on and my Holosync meditation cd for the first part of the hike (the uphill part).
Then it got even more magical as I was trance-hiking down a high ridge listening to Anugama and suddenly was presented with this gift from the Universe…enjoy!


Successful Failure

Seems like a contradiction, eh?  Watch the video, then tell me what your definition of “successful failure” is…


Day Dreaming

Have you ever had a day dream like this one?


Eternal Spring

Ahhhhh…springtime in the Rockies! And the mating ritual continues…

tres amigos showing off for the ladies! on Twitpic


Self Deception

Self deception is probably not something many of us think about very often. If you tend towards existentialism in your personal philosophy, you probably believe somewhat in freedom of choice and personal responsibility.
But no matter what book philosophy you’ve read, or particular philosophy of religion you may tend towards–there will always be the possibillity that you are deceiving yourself in many different ways. Here’s what one of my newest favorite authors has to say on that…

from “In Love With Everything” by Raymond Carl Sigrist


Kickback Time

Here’s one way I like to kickback up here at my Rocky Mountain home after a long work stretch…join me?

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